SCCAAS is a professional organization for persons interested in any aspect of African American studies and instruction.We offer our members the opportunity to share in the development of ideas and programs with educators and community members across the state, southeastern region and the nation.



The mission of SCCAAS is to promote higher standards in all subject core area curricula and instruction for the schools of South Carolina.



  • Increase awareness of African American history, culture and diasporic relationships in South Carolina
  • Promote closer professional relationships among teachers in the state
  • Provide leadership for the study of African Americans in K-12, Colleges, Universities, and professional organizations
  • Collaborate with the South Carolina department of eduction to integrate African American studies into the curriculum, K-12
  • Increase the awareness of and support for individual, group or organizational initiatives that connect business, educational, cultural and social relationships



The Council will:

  • Host an annual conference to highlight best practices, current trends and newly discovered histories of South Carolina.
  • Collaborate with SCETV and local networks to encourage dialogue through relevant television programs, radio shows and events.
  • Host quarterly meetings held in various locations around the state for educators to meet, network and collaborate.
  • Serve as a liaison to facilitate workshops and training institutes for teachers between K-12 and higher education institutions.
  • Actively promote and recruit students to major/minor in African American Studies.
  • Provide professional and expert guidance pertaining to the inclusion of African American studies, and the best interest of African American students.
  • Support corporations and businesses with special interests in promoting and sustaining diversity in all areas of education.
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